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Published On: Aug 25, 2020

UPSC Interview Questions, Which are Enough To Shake your Mind! Among the other Exams Given throughout the Country, UPSC Is one of The Most Important and Toughest Exams. 

A Huge Percent of the Nationwide Young Population, Dreams of clearing UPSC exams, in order to fulfill their Ambition to become An IAS officer. But it's Exam, UPSC, It Is Really Hard to Crack.  And its Interview is That Much Difficult, As It's Exam is.  The Questions are Enough to jerk your mind. And only intelligent ones can make it in the Interview.

 Today We Will Discuss Some of the Questions Asked in the UPSC Interview.

 1. How will you run the Administration if you don't know English? 

Answer:- Generally, this question can completely make you nervous. Many fail to answer the question in the correct manner.

 A Witty candidate, when asked this question, gave an Appreciable answer. He was offered a glass of water. After this question, he refused to drink the water in that Respective glass and said that he drinks water in a glass made of steel. This Answer made the Interviewer furious and then the Interviewee calmly explained " I was Answering your Question only, Sir! Here, what's more, important is the water, rather than the glass. Similarly, for working, we need skills. Language doesn't matter!   "

 2. Why All the Shirts Made for Girls And Women, doesn't contain a pocket?

 Answer:- Many Of the People, Are Unknown about the fact that there's an absence of a pocket in female shirts. In Order to Prevent Ruining of the Beauty and Design of the shirts, it doesn't contain pockets! 

3. What is that one thing, which the person using it can't buy, neither can they buy it for themselves? 

Answer:- Many A Times, On Asked This Kind Of Questions, The Interviewee, gets Confused and Starts Thinking too much. The Correct Answer to it would be A " Coffin " - The one who uses can't buy, not even for himself. 

4. What's That One Thing which Comes Once in A Month, And Goes Away, After Completing 24 hours? 

Answer:- It would be ' Date ' . It comes once every month and goes away after 24 hours.

 5. What does A Half Apple Look Like? 

Answer:- It's One of The Easiest yet Trickiest Question, Asked In the Interview. Though the Answer is Quite Easy, on being asked on a Different Way, Interviewees often get Confused.. 

What can A Half Apple look like rather than the other half? 

6. What is A Police Called in Hindi?

 Answer:- Since we use the daily word, "police" , while explaining, very few people are there, who know about it.. The police are called " Rajkiya Jan Rakshak " in Hindi.

 7. How can you lift an Elephant, with a single hand?

 Answer:- If you read the question carefully, you will be able to understand the answer by yourself. - Elephants don't have hands! 

8. When A Boy Proposes A Girl, what kind of proposal is considered illegal or offense?

 Answer:- In Any Sections of IPC, Proposing A Girl or A Boy, isn't mentioned as offensive or illegal. Hence it's not an offensive Act.

 9. What is a Cigarette called in Hindi? 

Answer:- A Cigarette is called " Dhumrapan Dandika " in Hindi. 

10. Which thing freezes when heated? 

Answer:- An " Egg ". We all know, the inside of an Egg freeze when it's boiled.

Written By - Anwesha Chakrabarty

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