Tony Kakkar is one of the Most Popular and Versatile Artists of the Generation

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Published On: Aug 06, 2020 | Last Updated: Aug 06, 2020

Famous for his Hits like Mile ho Tum Humko, Oh Humsafar, Goa Beach, Dheeme Dheeme, and Recently Added in the List is Kurta Pajama, he is Loved by numerous people across the World, Especially the youngsters. Tony Kakkar is very successful in his career and has carved a niche for himself in the industry. But Behind the Success and Fame, There is A Really Hard Struggle, Much Patience, and A Lot of Hard Work. He has worked with Determination all his life, which has brought him the Awaited Success.

 Earlier in his life, he used To Sing at Jagrans, along with his Sisters, Sonu Kakkar And Neha Kakkar, Who Are Also Very famous Singers, of the Industry. 

In a Recent Interview with Ayush Kesri, he recalls his Childhood Memories of Rishikesh. " I Definitely Remember Ganga Ji. We often call it Ganga ji or Ganga Maa in Rishikesh. So yeah, I remember Ganga Aarti especially and the Prasad We used to get after the Aarti. I was really small, so I don't remember anything else except these things " He Explained. 

He is Really An Inspiration for Everyone, who aspire to Achieve their Respective Goals.

 Asking about tips, he would give to the people who love and follow him, for a better life, he suggests - Discipline, Gratitude, and Love. He mentioned that these are necessary for everyone's life. 

" Discipline is the thing which takes you forward. Time should be decided for everything that when to do the work. 

Gratitute: We should always be thankful for everything. We should never compare anything with anyone and should be happy about what we have. So that we are at peace.

 Love: To love people, understand them and respect them, it is necessary that we have love in our hearts. When we start anything with love, it ends with love too. " He said. 

He is a good example of Multitasking. From Being A good Singer, Composer, and Lyricist to being A Great On-screen Actor, he can do it all. When he was questioned about which political figure he wanted to be, he explained he couldn't be a Politician, as he could not work constantly, 24×7 . 

" Politicians work round the clock which I can't & Sometimes I stay home lost in my world and have fun in life. So I definitely can't become a politician. " He clarified.

 Tony Kakkar Is the Epitome of Hardwork and true passion. He has Surely Came A Long way in his life working hard to make his dreams come true. 

On being asked, the secret of his Hardwork, The singer and composer gives away all the credit.. " No doubt I work hard but we are just a medium to perform and compose..." He explained. " but it's all the blessing of our elders, almighty and the way our parents mould us to teach us, we perform the same way. " He said. 

At last, when Interviewer Ayush Kesri asks Tony Kakkar, that to whom he would like to dedicate his success, he readily replied " Of course to my family. Mom Dad, Sonu Di and Neha only. " " Although there are so many supporters, all my love goes on them. " He added.

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Written by Anwesha Chakorbarty 

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