Gaurav Gera journey from an fashion designer student to independent artist

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Published On: Aug 08, 2020 | Last Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Gaurav Gera is one of the most well known Indian comedian actors and content creators. He has worked in different Bollywood films and TV series. He is mostly popular for his short comedy videos on YouTube called chutki and shopkeeper, which went viral across the world.

In a recent interview with Ayush Keshri, he shared his experiences, and talked about his journey to the industry and his famous YouTube series - chutki and shopkeeper . 

Talking about his journey from Gurgaon to Mumbai, he said, " When I came to Mumbai, the journey was quite long, and now I have completed 20 years in the industry. Many people say it as a struggle but I don't, I say it's a journey - from where I have started to where I am now. That's the journey. Yes, it will be hard to do the things again which I have already done, but it was a smooth, good journey indeed! "

 The actor started as a fashion designer before but discontinued it as he didn't get much interest in it. " Though it was my choice, I rejected it. Yeah, I thought I can draw well and moreover fashion designers used to come often on TV at that time I felt it was really glamorous, I can get famous easily but later I lost interest in the field and I am not creative about clothes, So I thought I should do acting...." He said while discussing his journey.

He said that while in Mumbai, he got an offer for jhumroo , A Bollywood Musical, which he really loved and wished to get a role in. So he left Mumbai temporarily. " I got a good offer. It was Jhumroo, and I really loved it. I had watched one whole show of them and I was really praying to God for such good work and I got it. In the next show, I got the lead role. " " In Gurgaon, I got what I wanted, so I happily left for Gurgaon. " Explain the actor. Gaurav Gera is from Gurgaon. " I have a home in Gurgaon. I am from Gurgaon.... " he said.

Chatting about the challenges he had to face, and the auditions in Mumbai, He Said, He never gave up trying. He never lost his faith, and he has got his desired results. " People used to chatter a lot about auditions and they used to say that there is no meaning of giving the auditions, but I never believed all these things. And I have got a certain outcome. I have done such ads which only I have got and only I have done it. So it never happens like that. You never know...... Some people assume it wouldn't happen but I think they don't dedicate themselves fully towards it." He Briefly explained.

 He further added, " there are a lot of rumors regarding auditions, people gossip a lot about it. But if it would have happened so then I would have never been able to come forth"

Recalling the days of jhoomru he described, that he used to get a college wali feeling, While working for jhumroo which he couldn't get in the shoots and that he loved the environment there. It was the best experience of my life. " Few people get the chance to relieve their College Days again. My friends always used to talk about the property they hold and I was bored of the topic. I wanted something new. Jhumroo did that for me. " 

One of the most appreciated works by Gaurav Gera is Chutki and shopkeeper, a funny YouTube series that has been viral worldwide. Telling the story, how he got the idea, The actor said he was bored of the monotony of shooting and the work, while he was in Bollywood. He affixed, " I was unable to understand who I was? What do I want to do? I am an actor, but I don't like to put on makeup. I don't wanna tell jokes too, nor do I want to do daily soaps and there were no such offers in films too. So I started making videos on YouTube. I was inspired by the YouTubers then. I saw a teenager from Australia, a housewife from America, and they were making awesome videos from their home so I thought I could too do it. Thus, I started making short videos. " " At the time I released some 60 videos, though, but they were not popular. Very few people used smartphones at that time and normally it didn't get viral. So initially I discontinued making the videos. Moreover, I didn't use to spend much time after Jhumroo rehearsals......" The actor utters. 

But the series again started in 2015, in a different prospect, which gained fame and went viral worldwide. " In 2015, after its release, it went viral all over the world. I used to get messages from different places in the world...." Said Gaurav Gera. He also shares some of his experiences he had regarding the video. 

On being asked about three suggestions he would give to the ones who are interested in the glamour world, he replied, " Firstly, I tell this to every beginner that completes your education first. Secondly, before coming into this stream, make sure your parents are convinced and you have them at your back because there are ups and downs in your career and you will need them. Thirdly many times after doing a thing you feel either you like it or not, the same is with me. So think carefully, before you do anything, so that you won't regret it later. " He also added" Success is temporary and even failure is. Nothing is permanent in life. And there is no formula of success.....Everyone's journey towards success is different. " 

In the interview, he also shares that his hobby is cooking and he loves to meditate. 

On being queried, that what he would have been if not an actor, he answered he would have been a 'cook', or he would have done something like pottery or painting. "These things attract me a lot! So I would have done these things only. "

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Written by Anwesha Chakraborty

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