Roti Bank- An Initiative by Kishore Kant Tiwari to Feed India

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Published On: Jul 25, 2020 | Last Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Roti Bank Varanasi is feeding more than 1000 people every day through there community kitchen. While talking to Kishore Kant Tiwari, founder of All India Roti Bank Trust, He said- He started it in 2017, When had visited Varanasi, He was a patient of Tumour, He used to visit Assi Ghat, there he saw a person eating and finding food from the garbage. Seeing this, his soul raised a lot of questions. He was really disheartened seeing that person's situation. So he asked his mother to prepare food for 10-15 people and he used to distribute hungry people. Then he realized he can't do it alone, so he thought of starting an association.

Kishore is working for since 2017 and did no single daybreak. He does not have a holiday or rest because each night people wait for him. To reach and help many, He started collecting left fresh food from a different home, marriage hall, and restaurants. He used to collect food in the night by 10 and use to distribute food to people till 2 pm. He used to wake people, who sleep on-road and feed them. 

As Corona hit the whole country his works also got affected. No marriage, party, or celebration. He was not getting any food. Pradeep Kumar Mishra(Professor at IIT BHU) came for his help. He helped him to start a community kitchen, where now food is prepared, and then it is distributed. Kishore and his team collect raw food materials. There are people who are coming forward to help and donating money or raw food item like- rice, flour, vegetables, and oil. 

There are challenges and feeding1000 people is not an easy job. He said- He does struggle to collect funds and raw materials. With lord shiva blessing and his mentors and few people support that keeps him motivated and helping him to move without break. Many times, he was teased by people for his work. Even people made a lot of false allegations on him. He never cared. He kept doing his work. He said, Many appreciated his work and also came forward to help and support his initiative. While Interacting with him, when asked, how people can reach him to contribute 

Kishorkant Tiwari: Anyone can join this initiative, we also don't take any fee if you want to join us. You can always help us if you are eager. There's our association's bank account, you'll easily get the details from our social media pages. I would just say that every home should become a roti bank, we all should help poor people who are suffering from starvation If each family starts contributing their part, then India will surely be free from starvation and malnutrition."

Wriiten by Nabh Rastogi