Maithali Thakur wanted to be an IAS. Journey of Maithali Thakur

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Published On: Jul 25, 2020 | Last Updated: Aug 06, 2020

What are the 3 reasons for your success?

Dedication: There should be dedicated.

Discipline: Must have the proper time to do any work.

Fun: Whatever you are doing, you should work with fun, you will not be bored.

 How long do you practice?

I practice throughout the day, and the time I am not practicing I'll be either having lunch or I will be studying.

Maithili, what would you have been if not a singer?

 If I was not a singer, I would be preparing for IAS.

 What do you miss when turning back today?

 I miss each other and everything. Still, everything is the same as before, there is no need to turn back pages. Even today everybody lives together. We enjoyed it together.

How did your conscious change after coming to a rising star?

 Now I go to college just 4 days a week, and now I am in college, so there is not much tension.

You scored 94% in the 10th and 84% in 12th. How did you manage singing with studies?

I had full focus on my studies as I didn't join rising stars in 10 standards, after participating in rising stars my schedule change for example I had to give auditions in the morning and much more. So Yes management is definitely needed, and without hard work, nothing could be achieved.

 I want to ask a question from your childhood when you did not participate in the rising star. What did you do and how did you spend your life?

I used to go to school, came back from school, did homework, Practice, used to play, and then slept.

 You did a lot of performance in Bihar before coming to Banaras. If you mix the culture of both, then what can you tell us about it?

I felt the same. Here, people also speak the same way they do in Patna.

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